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AGFCPL is a non banking finance company registered with RBI and is In the business of financing to schools and SME sector, Company is following "FAIR PRACTICE CODE" as prescribed by RBI. Board of Directors has confirmed to RBI that company is adhering to guidelines set by RBI in this regard.


  1. Ensuring that the company is following fair practices as prescribed by RBI.

  2. Ensuring that company's product's are well compliant with regulatory norms.

  3. To strengthen the grievance redressal system of the company.

Policy Guidlines on Fair Practice Code

The Fish or Matsya as per Indian Mythology Dashavatar, is the first avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Lord Vishnu, in order to protect the Knowledge of the Vedas, took the form of a Giant Fish to fight the Demon Hayagriva (the Horse Headed Demon), who had robbed the Vedas from Lord Brahma and took the same to the underworld. Lord Vishnu, killed the Demon and emerged victorious thus Saving the Vedas and existence of the world. The protection of Knowledge is hence deemed extremely important for continuity of this world and equally important is Securing Knowledge. Similar to the "Fins" which is important to the Fish in its endeavour to fight the Demons against Knowledge, Our Financial products are focused around “Gyan Fin” which is the "Fins" we provide to the seekers and providers of "Gyan".

"GyanFin" the flagship brand of Alwar General Finance Company Pvt Ltd., (AGFCPL) was conceptualised based on the simple philosophy that a seeker of knowledge should never be denied under any circumstances. However, there is no "Gyan" without pain. Pain for the seekers of "Gyan" is multi-fold.

There is no proper Infrastructure if there is proper intention.

No proper faculty if there is proper Infrastructure.

No students even if there is a proper school with good faculty.

The main reason is "value" only for money has been ingrained into every minute part of life. "GyanFin" wishes to bridge this gap by providing easy access to affordable finance for the purposes of acquiring or providing "knowledge". We are thus “Knowledge Finance Partners”.

"GyanFin" Mission is to impact the lives of 15 Million Students over the next 10 Years, while providing access to easy finance for acquiring knowledge through Education loans, providing knowledge infrastructure through School Infrastructure Finance or assisting knowledge through Education accessories finance.

Our target customers are Individual Students and Parents of Students, Teachers and Tutors, Skill Set providers, Schools and those SMEs providing accessories to support education like Book vendors, Uniform vendors, Education IT providers, Education Infrastructure support services etc.

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