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Alwar General Finance Company Private Limite (AGFCPL) is a regulated Non-Banking Financial Company (Non-Deposit) registered with RBI, Jaipur in the year 1999. Present management took over the company on 01.04.2010 and entered inthe field of Microfinance, and since then with time and innovative management strategies, the company has evolved to many facets of financial world by carving out various products such as School finance, SME loans, Business Loans, Personal Loans and other sorts of lending, targeting clientele which is not catered to by formal financial institutions.

AGFCPL is a Self-Financed Company and the opportunity to grow bigger exists as the company start creating significant value to the eco-space and thus our stake holders.

With increasing competition in the lending industry coming from both Banks and NBFCs, the need of the hour is to carve a niche hitherto un-explored. This not only helps in establishing a strong brand different from the rest of the flock but also helps in being away from higher risk-taking and lower return on investment. AGFCPL aims to be just that "A Differentiated Financial Services Company" that is patronized by customers as well as by those seeking employment opportunities in our Company.

AGFCPL aims to, at all times, maintain the utmost levels of service for our customers and strives to place itself at the forefront of Financial Services for the Education Sector and thus be the "Knowledge Finance Partners" to our customers.


We are committed to the "holistic" nature of knowledge. This would begin with providing 21st century skills, technical knowledge, academic skills and a call for re-imagining our assessment systems that gauge the students ability to use tools of critical thinking and rational inquiry.

Education for tomorrow's children must hone their ability to co-create rather than being a passive receiver. This process of learning be a lifelong process, with the ability and desire to learn, un-learn and re-learn in all spectrums of life.

We need to re-imagine the physical spaces of our schools and transform them into "maker spaces". Major investments would be required to set up schools that are 21st century ready and upgrade the existing ones.

The Education Sector in India is large and likely to treble by 2022. This would call for huge investments from various sources. The gap in Financing, whether for the learners or for the service providers is huge and a shortfall in this could derail or at least delay the vision.

Alwar General Finance Company Pvt Ltd. (AGFCPL) envisages to be the catalyst for achieving this Vision of "The Great Indian Education" which among others involves providing access to affordable loans and financial services for the purposes of :-

  • Better Infrastructure
  • Futuristic facilities
  • High quality basic Education
  • Advanced and Foreign Education
  • Skill sets and Up-skilling
  • Working Capital for Education Sector product and service providers
  • Institutional Fund raising assistance


AGFCPL is inclined to provide financial solutions to Education segment and SME sector where by helping to improve quality of education and development of SME sector.


AGFCPL plans to make a nationwide presence by 2019 associating with the countrymen.

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